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  1. I am having issues installing MintPPC on my iMac G3, after launching with automated install (or anything else) I get:
    Initramfs unpacking failed: write error
    aty128fb: ROM failed to map
    and then it’s just a bunch of errors saying directory doesn’t exist

    1. I’m sorry I posted this under this unrelated topic. I thought I was on the Installation post. After trying to install MintPPC on my other iMac G3 I got a little bit further, on that one I don’t have the unpacking error and could proceed with the proper install. However the aty128fb error persists. It appears to be a driver issue which explains why I get a flashing cursor (underscore) on startup and no gui. Switching to a terminal with alt+F[n] yields a functional with a seemingly fully installed MintPPC except the Graphical layer won’t start because of the driver error.

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