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Today I fired up my PowerBook G4 again to see if I can get some progress. The MintPPC system is totally broken at this moment. The main problem is that various packages in my system require Perl 5.30 but the upgrade wants to install something of a higher version. So what I did was manually deleting all the packages that require this old version of Perl and all the other broken things. This took me a couple of hours. After this I could upgrade most packages to the latest version. My PowerBook G4 cannot handle too much heat. The configuring of tex apparently locked up my machine. I tried a few times but each time I get the same. I need to let the computer cool down and try again.

The next time I should be able to configure all my packages and upgrade the remaining 50 or so packages.

I then need to rewrite some code in the specific MintPPC packages to make them work again in the latest sid.

To be continued…

Update 16 September 2023
Fortunately I was able to upgrade all packages today. I could get my system in a clean state. I then turned to the MintPPC specific programs and they installed without any problem. It means that all packages, which are on the repository server, are up to date for the latest Debian sid environment. There is no need to upgrade the mint packages. What I did notice was that the latest 6 kernel (6.5.0-3) had a kernel panic at boot. I had to go back to a 5 kernel. I will have a look if I can find something about this problem in the Debian lists.

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