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I tried to install MintPPC and Debian a couple of times with the snapshot installer images of June 18 2023 as is prescribed in the instructions. At the end of the installation, the installation of grub fails. I tried 4 times to make sure. Don’t do an installation now as it will fail 100%.

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  1. Try trixie/bookworm from sid. I have a working copy for G4/G5. G3 was eliminated with AtY128FB drivers being removed from kernel source build, mesa breakage from ubu12 onwards. I cant see what Im doing to recomplile the kernel, would have to drop Altivec optimizations and respin. Looking for the HOW on that. I can do x86/64 intel. PowerPC/Mac Linux has to be done a touch different.uck may provide hints. Live media, not hDImage to flash over. Reccommend FW booting, not USB if/ not writing to the internal drive.

    Works w LLVM. Testing FreeBSD rn. Write me if the ISO is giving you hell, mine installs ok. Ill drop it on my webserver and send you a link.

  2. appears uck MAY support liveISO building of the HDD image /install I have, and more recently have imaged from the G4iBook into qcow format. Only BSD fails emulated boot. Once spun, I can burn it. Ive not modded yet for Everyday, still using base debian installer for trixie/sid. Sometimes snapshots fail/break over time. Ive noticed there are no “freezes” w debian ports. This is very bad. I can upload an ISO in a minute, im working ppc32 bsd on a g3 rn. UCK(ubuntu customizaton kit) appears to want thr options below, try the default before tweaking them.

    Im working with larger output usually than CD/DVD SL media with what Im making. Note: will swap heavily if insufficient RAM to load. Further, optical is waay slower than usb /FW boot. Target disk mode is how I dumped the HDD -thru a mini (running “everyday x86_64 ” /modified bullseye)

    Try this:

    main included script in uck:
    *not the packISO script, go up one level, into the includes folder

    use options “arch=ppc” “when packing”

    (tweak to this):

    genisoimage -o “$NEW_FILES_DIR/$NEW_ISO_FILE_NAME” \
    -p “myISOPacker” \
    -probe -map “$UCK_LIBRARIES_DIR/” -chrp-boot -iso-level 4 \
    -part -no-desktop -r –netatalk -hfs \
    -hfs-bless “$ISO_REMASTER_DIR/install” \
    -x “$ISO_REMASTER_DIR”/casper/manifest.diff \
    -joliet-long \
    -allow-limited-size \

    FAT/DL DVD(8gb):
    “genisoimage should be able to create HFS hybrid images over 4Gb, although this has not been fully tested. ”

    possible the image I DL from debian ports is still live, I can give you Snapshot time in a min.(within 1month)

  3. If you got it working let me know. I want to try. And if it works I want a verbose manual what you did and how you did it, similar as to how I write installation instructions. I might be able to spin MintPPC installation images with your method.

      1. Yes, Grub installed correctly, as did the connection to the archive mirror. This only worked when I first installed MacOS X Tiger. That seemed to clear up all the connection issues that prevented installation of MintPPC.

  4. Automated install fails at Select and Install Software. It stops at 16% and shows it is “Running tasksel”. Used “Continue” then Select and Reinstall Software but never makes it past 16%. Using a usb stick to install on a G4, Quicksilver, with an Nvidia GeForce4 MX card.

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