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I just tried to install MintPPC on a gifted PowerBook G4 (thanks Martin from Austria). I found out the the grub-installer failed to install grub. It is unfortunate that people do not report this. It is possible that MintPPC was not installable for months. If I would have known this, I could have looked at this issue much earlier.

The problem has been fixed.

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  1. Just tried using the automated installer on my G4 PowerBook and everything went well until at the very end I got this message: Failed to run presseeded command Execution of reseeded command “in-target export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin” failed with exit code 127.
    When I hit “continue” and rebooted everything seemed OK.

  2. I am aware of it. You can disregard the message. The execution of that command works and you don’t need to do it manually afterwards anymore. Welcome back by the way!

    1. I’m a high school Special Education teacher with many dilemmas to deal with. Linux is my escape to something logical and predictable.

  3. I understand, everyone needs an escape. For me it’s also something logical and worthwhile spending free time on it.

  4. I’ve attempted to install Mintppc 32 on an ibook 4g about 10 times without success, the problem seems to be at Select and Install Software. It can fail before finishing, but today it went almost all the way loading 1071 files of 1072 before giving the failure message. I pressed on with the rest, ignoring the error 127 regarding PATH.
    I can now boot in , and enter Username and Password,
    and appear to be in terminal at root. Instructions are to Select Mint-LXDE, Where How ???
    Tomorrow is another day and Hope may triumph over Experience. All suggestions welcomed.

  5. Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid debian tty1
    debian login:
    After logging in , at root command ls
    does not appear to do anything
    after cd /usr then ls shows
    bin games include lib libexec local sbin share src
    I have little experience of terminal use, having installed Ubuntu and Mint on old machines. Thanks.

  6. This is not how it should be. If MintPPC would have been installed correctly, you would see a graphical login screen. I would be interested to see the syslog of the installation. Next time you retry, get the syslog of the installation. You will find in the menu to see the installtion log. The computer will act as a webserver and with another computer extract that logfile.

  7. Attempted to install again, the Failure message appeared after Select and Install Software . Its probably not a good idea to repeat a step expecting a different outcome, but I did, again got the Failure message. I continued to the end and Success Success !!!
    I know there are a few adjustments to make for Sound .
    Thanks to all who made this possible.

    1. I think I will have to re-install mintppc 32bit on G4 ibook. When I boot, I see no option for Select Mint-LXDE at log in, one screen shows LDME before moving on to eventually reach the LM logo screen where, after logging in, I see the desktop with Applications in the top right corner and 6 icons bottom centre.

      Web browser does not work with established Wi-Fi Network or Ethernet Network.

      In Libre Office , files can be created in Libre Calc but once saved cannot be opened.
      I’ll try install again as this cannot be correct.

      1. There are icons in the top right corner in the login screen. One of them you can use to change the desktop manager.

        1. After 2 more re-installs , I’m in Arctic Fox on IBook G4 using Mintppc. All appears fine, I’ll test out other applications during the day.
          Great work, Jeroen. It would be a shame to abandon such great looking old computers.

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