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For the past couple of days I have been trying to get MintPPC installed in an easy way onto my iBook. I found out that using a preseed file with a repository elsewhere won’t work as the modern Debian netinstaller does not accept repositories as the installer environment does not have gpg to its disposal. Downloading a key works but the installer then fails to incorporate it (add-key). I also looked into live-build, a Debian tool to create live environments. Unfortunately this won’t work on PPC based computers: it only has support for i386 and amd64. Basically I am a little bit stuck here now. There is one more option that I am going to try now and that is trying to customize the Jessie Netinstallation CD / DVD to have MintPPC specific packages and other packages which are not in Debian-ports in an extra pool and to then repackage the whole stuff using a modified keyring, incorporating my own gpg key. Hopefully that will lead me somewhere. If not, the only option I can think of is for users to install Debian sid LXDE, add the MintPPC repository manually in the /etc/apt/sources.list and to then install all packages by hand. I could make a small script to get this all done. The latter is not ideal but might be the only way.

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