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On November the 16th I received an email from my internet service provider (ISP) that there was a ticket opened for me. So I opened the ticket and to my surprise I read that my ISP had received a complaint from Google Safe Browsing. They had found an abuse on my domain. It meant that my ISP was about to suspend my website. A few hours later I was shocked to see that they indeed suspended my account and that my website was no longer reachable. I immediately tried to contact them and they told me I had to clean my files and database. Of course I was not extremely happy with this but at least, they gave me an option to do something about the matter. I did not find anything suspicious. I just did what I was told and I cleaned everything and put a backup copy of my site back. Today they finally approved what I did and they made my website visible again. I am pretty sure that I don’t have malicious code in my domain. What I suspect is the following. I run my website at a rather cheap domain, which is The domain is known to other ISP’s as a domain where strange things were done in the past and many ISP’s block emails from this domain, probably because spam was sent from there. When I tried to setup my website to be able to send registration mails I noticed that those mails I sent from my domain never arrived. They are immediately filtered and seen as spam. So what I did is I added a module on my site that sends emails via my own gmail account. Many of the registration mails that were sent from my site via gmail were bounced as those ISP’s involved do not accept mails from my domain. I guess that triggered Google. Google thought that I am sending spam mails. I learned my lesson and now I turned off all these mail serving modules. Registration mails will not be sent anymore. It is a small nuisance but it’s better than to be blocked by my ISP.

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