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If you happen to be unlucky and you upgraded some mint packages which were on the repository for a little while, you may have noticed that the login screen does not work anymore. I am sorry, I was a bit too quick with upgrading mint packages and uploading them to my server. I had not yet tested it thoroughly. The problem is that by upgrading some mint packages, lxdm, the login manager, now uses gtk3 and will no longer work with some configurations of mint-lxde. If you like to fix this yourself, do the following.

wget u58733p55594.web0093.zxcs-klant.nl/lxdm/greeter-gtk3.ui
sudo mv greeter-gtk3.ui /usr/share/lxdm/themes/Mint-LXDE/

In the near future I will upgrade mint-artwork-lxde to have this done automatically.

Update 1.10.2023

Upgrading mint-artwork-lxde from the repository will fix this problem for you.

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