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  1. Also, if you have a list of graphics cards that would work with the G5/DP 2.0 GHz, that would be great.
    I reckon, even better would be some sort of table. I.e. model so and so can be upgraded to… along those lines
    I realize you are busy, but i think that would help alot of users

    1. Can you suggest a specific card that in your experience is known to work ?
      I’m hoping to use OpenCL on it, however radeon drivers are known for unreliability… so given more specific information i might find one that actually works

  2. I own a G5 iMac iSight with a Radeon X600 XT that works well under Linux. I can’t say anything about other cards. Why don’t you install MintPPC and see for yourself if it works or not ?

    1. Thanks, looks like i have to bite the bullet and buy that X600 XT and hopefully it support OpenCL and also have existing OpenCL drivers for GNU/Linux. I did install mintppc btw, yaboot was causing issues like you already outlined and the rescue worked perfectly well

      1. ATI Radeon HD 4350 AGP seems to support OpenCL 1.1… I’ll be checking eBay now 🙂
        Afaik my powermac g5/dp 2.0 has a agp slot

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