MintPPC has been updated

To have all the new goodies in an existing MintPPC installation do the following (note: it will overwrite your settings):
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
cp -r /etc/skel/.config ~

Logout and login and enjoy!

Extra background pictures can be added by installing mint-backgrounds-tricia.

Installing MintPPC from scratch will give the updated MintPPC as well.

Updates include the following:
* Updated mint-x-icons and mint-y-icons
* Updated mint-lxde-default-settings to have “Software Manager” removed as option from the menu and to have a new Menu icon with the round Linux Mint logo, which ships standard with Linux Mint nowadays, as well as settings for a different wallpaper as default both in Mint-LXDE and in the display manager.
* Updated mint-artwork-lxde with a new logout banner, which I designed myself
* Updated mint-artwork (with new mint logos)
* Updated mint-themes
* included mint-backgrounds-tricia and mint-backgrounds-ulyana (nice HD wallpapers suitable for the desktop)

I refer to the changelog of the corresponding Linux Mint packages for details (the lxde specific packages I maintain myself).

The changes are all about the looks. Under the hood MintPPC is Debian sid.

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  1. I tried to open the disk image using Disk Utility to copy it to CD (on a 1.67 GHz PowerPC G4) but was unable to open the file. Error message: “unable to attach..[filename] (no mountable file systems)”

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