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  1. The live version for MintPPC64 is ready now too. I will update the installation instructions page to make a reference to this live image.

  2. Greetings. I have been trying to copy your new disk image to a FAT32 usb thumb drive at /dev/sdc2 but always have “permission denied” when I run the command. What do I have to add to /etc/fstab to make FAT32 usb drives mountable?

  3. you have to do it as root
    login as root with:
    root password
    It does not matter how the USB stick is formatted. Everything will be lost after issueing a dd command.

  4. Hello,
    Will the live ppc32 version support dual cpu?
    Also, can it be burnt on a cd?


  5. From within the live environment you can always opt to install a kernel that suits your needs, like dual cpu. You cannot burn it onto a cd as the image is too big.

  6. Hi all – apologies for the long comment!
    I’m trying to use the USB live image to check it out on a 15in G4 Powerbook. (not trying to install yet – just want to see if it works)
    I’ve just tried to follow the instructions for creating a USB live image from the instructions using Linux Mint 19.3 “Cinnamon” and I’ve run into some brick walls. I am a Linux newbie so I suspect its me rather than the instructions but some pointers would be helpful 🙂
    Like the user above I ran into the issue of “permission denied” when trying to run the DD command to write the image to the USB stick. The image was downloaded on 7th Sept so I assume its the latest version.
    I cant run the “su” command from the terminal in mint 19.
    After entering the password it comes back with “Authentication failure”. Is this because “root” is disabled in Mint 19?
    If I try to run the “dd” command with “sudo” I get the “permission denied” response when accessing the usb stick (it seems to try to access the usb stick before it asks for a password for “sudo”)
    I did manage to burn the image using the “USB image writer” GUI tool that’s included in mint 19 but when I try and boot it using the open interface on the Mac it returns the error “load size is too small”
    What am I doing wrong ?

  7. Hi Jeroen
    Thanks for the quick response!
    I’m not quite understanding what you mean by “set up sudo”
    Do you mean that I have to enable the root account?
    I thought that’s what sudo does (don’t forget my linux newbie status 🙂
    best wishes and thanks for the help

  8. I have two 32 Gb USB sticks on order. I want to try again to boot my Sawtooth (AGP) G4 from them. Would it be possible to put both the liveimage and the install on a single 32 Gb stick? Also, is it necessary to reformat a complete drive, or may I just reformat one volume?
    Thanks, Neal Lewis
    P.S. I have a DVD drive in my G4. Would it be possible to boot from a DVD instead of the USB stick?

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