Now that the installation of MintPPC for G3 and G4 works, it is time to focus my attention to MintPPC64. I have now successfully set up a cross compilation environment on my Asus laptop. The idea is to compile the missing ppc64 packages on this machine and to then upload them into the MintPPC64 repo. I will then also have to amend the preseed file for this architecture. If all is well, people willing to test it on their G5 may contact me. I don’t have a G5 here just yet.

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  1. That’s a great news – but no rush then! Happy to try this on my PowerMac G5 when its ready.

    1. Fantastic! 😀 Aside from liquid cooling on a few late Power Macs, those things are unbreakable from that days.

  2. A small update:
    I downloaded the latest snapshot debian netinstaller image and burned it onto a CD-R. The iMac G5 was able to boot from the CD and went successfully into the Debian installer. After a short break, which will take a week, I will start testing installing MintPPC64.

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