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  1. Hi!
    I’m happy to try the new ppc64 image on my imac g5 isight….
    If you can confirm that the new image will pull in a fixed version of hfsprogs that fixes the grum install problem. Happy to help if I can.

  2. I don’t know whether a different hfsprogs is in there, I did not make the installer image. Just try please.

    1. I have been trying out these installer images and the latest one from 12/3/2020 hangs when trying to detect and partition disks. This has been a problem for months now. The installer image from 4/19/20 was one of the last ones that worked. This one still fails to install GRUB and hfsprogs is still unavailable. Debian is pushing updates like crazy now, last night alone, 23 new updates, so I’m hoping they are working on it.

    2. I’ve tried many of the old installer images as you suggested and have found that the last one where partman actually worked was the one from 05/30/2020. The next one from 08/16/2020 and everyone since, partman is broken. With all the updates that come out each day, why has this problem gone on so long?

      1. I am new to this forum and have managed to complete the installation on an iMac 3g (slot loading) using the 3o/5/2020 image (same problem as Thomas with the more recent ones). However, I also followed David’s workaround (post of 29/11/2020) to solve the Grub problem. The installation is complete but I can’t get the graphic environment to work (after startup and I get a black screen with a blinking cursor). I tried adding the nomodeset option and I am using an xorg.conf file which I know works on this iMac. Any suggestion? I believe I have an ATI 128 card. Many thanks, Antonio

          1. I had but I think it is a combination of that and xserver-xorg-video-r128: now at least I get a complete blank screen which is a xorg.conf problem but no longer a “no screens found” error when launching startx. I am reinstalling and will report back.

          2. I have been struggling with this for a few weeks now. I installed Mint via a USB and it seems to work but I can’t get the GUI to start on my Mac G3. I have installed firmware-linux-nonfree and xorg-video-r128 and a couple of weeks ago, having played around with a number of xorg.conf files I finally managed to get Mate to load although the colours were a bit odd. At that point I decided to upgrade the RAM (I now have 1GB) and to reinstall everything using the same xorg.conf file but I only get a blank screen after startx. Xorg.0.log does not indicate any particular error (although it depends on which environment I try to launch: XFCE, LXDE or Mate). Any suggestions?

          3. Until they get around to fixing GRUB you are much better off going back to an installer that uses Yaboot. If you use the one from Debian 10.0/ you can install a base system, update /etc/apt/sources.list and then do a dist-upgrade. From there you can install LXDE, and finally, install MintPPC manually. I have no experience with a G3 but it works just fine on my gaggle of G4s.

          4. I have installed Debian with Yaboot but had to use Jessie as it seems to be the last one for PPC 32 bit. Having changed sources.list to the ones I had with Mint 20.04, I can’t upgrade: I keep getting a GPG error which says that there is no public key, etc, hence I can’t upgrade the distribution. Antonio

      2. Thomas, many thanks, I had done that during the previous installation attempt (when I installed Jessie) and forgot to redo it with the iso image you pointed me to; however, I am not sure which source should be included in sources.list: when I run sudo apt install debian-ports-archive-keyring I get “unable to locate package…”. Antonio

  3. Hi, I tried the new PowerPC image from 12/03 with my 1998 Rev. A G3 iMac. As with other ones, it can’t boot from CD when holding “C” at startup and when I try, say:
    boot cd:,\\:tbxi
    I have “MAC-PARTS: Can’t find a default partition”
    Then, I try:
    boot cd:3,\\:tbxi
    and so on for other partition numbers, it gives me:
    “MAC-PARTS: Specified partition is not valid.”

    Any clue ? Thanks!

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