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Recently I went through my storage room in the attic and found an old G4 MDD with various versions of MintPPC on it. It was one of the machines I used to test and develop MintPPC on back in the days. If there is interest in say MintPPC 11, I can make a disk image of this system and publish it. Please let me know if you are interested in reviving this old stuff.

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  1. I think I have a copy of 11’s net installer somewhere, but it would be a help to those systems that cannot run the Debian Ports Sid based MintPPC due to currently missing graphics hardware drivers.

  2. The netinstaller for MintPPC 11 won’t work anymore as the repo of Debian Wheezy is gone.

    Alex, could you please try the latest MintPPC on your iMac G3? I added a patched version of xserver-xorg-video-r128 to the MintPPC32 repository. It works well on my ATi Rage 128 powered G3 Pismo. You don’t not need to boot into Debian with nomodeset. Just boot it without any kernel parameters and without xorg.conf file.

  3. hello,

    you can still install debian wheezy if you set the server *manually* to archive.debian.org during the installation when it asks for the server to be chosen.

    and yes, i’d be intersted, to download the older releases of mintppc again, if not for testing.

    having trouble installing linux on a macmini g4, running bit out of options.

  4. I am running a project here in Trinidad & Tobago to refurbish old donated computers to give to needy families. Someone donated an Apple iBook G4. I would like to put Linux on it. I use Linux on my Intel laptop, and my Raspberry Pi. But I’m not a hardcore user… Do you have a distribution of the MintPPC that would work on the iBook G4, and a Novice could install?

  5. @admin i think the cd-drive is very selective and not picking up properly the cd-r that i burnt , there is always read-error in open-firmware.
    went for a newer drive and in the meantime i try out other options on the bigger g5 machines (hopefully also the linux mintppc)
    remember quite vividly how i went through the options for making an installation usb stick with the mini.iso at the time with mintppc … was very helpful experience (with a powerbook g4 12) but in the end i felt that plain debian worked easily (debian squeeze at the time probably) sadly with wheezy the driver situation became more complicated i think but no expert on the topic.

  6. I’d love to try out some of the older versions. If you can provide a disc image if MintPPC II or any other version you have, it’ll be awesome.

    If it is too much of a chore to provide those, then maybe you can upload them to one of those abandonware archives?

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