SeaLion update

Wicknix released SeaLion 32.5.1. Note that this package has been built in an old Linux environment. To get it working in MintPPC32 I had to do the following:

install libffi7 from snapshots:
sudo dpkg -i libffi7_3.3-6_powerpc.deb

install multiarch-support from snapshots
sudo dpkg -i multiarch-support_2.28-10_powerpc.deb

install libjpeg8 from snapshots
sudo dpkg -i libjpeg8_8d1-2_powerpc.deb

I will add sealion 32.5.1 for powerpc to the server. If you want to install this, you will have to do it manually as I do not want to bother too many people with installing all those old libraries.
sudo dpkg -i sealion-32.5.1_powerpc.deb

The 64-bits version I still need to check first.

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  1. Hey I have an issue. I got a PowerBook g4 and Sealion works very well. Only one thing – videos like from YouTube are blue :). I do not have a clue what can cause that.

    1. The blue tinted video may be caused by html5 video player, I play the same video with mpv player launched by Articfox (vlc broken and can not be installed) the video plays perfect. Sealion plays video directly with html5 video codec and can’t change to 3rd party application.

    1. That is probably the case. When I turned on the “hardware acceleration where possible” the whole Sealion became blue-tinted. I am wondering if switching to a different than neutral color depth will make a difference – when possible i will try to change default color depth.

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