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Yesterday I found out that I forgot to include a small app in the panel which shows when there are updates in the system. It works very similarly to the tool used in Linux Mint, the package is called package-update-indicator and will as of now be installed automatically in MintPPC. For those of you who installed MintPPC in the last couple of days but do not yet have this small handy app I would recommend to do the following:

sudo apt install package-update-indicator

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  1. Hi Jeroen. I just wanted to say thank you for developing mintppc. It’s fantastic. I resurrected my old iMac G5 and it’s working great. The install was very easy and I’m enjoying using Mint on this machine. I do have one question about display sleep and hibernation. These functions don’t really work in Mint on my machine. The display will will go dim to black, but in a dark room, you can see that it’s still fully on and using a lot of power. Is there a hibernation program that can be installed?

  2. Hi James!

    The things you request I don’t have a solution for, it is something that I would like to have too on my G5 iMac. If you find a solution for this, please let me know.

    I am happy to read that you enjoy MintPPC. I think that MintPPC gives fresh air to these beautiful old machines. MintPPC has always been quite nice, but since a few days MintPPC got even better. The installation is now super easy.

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