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Yesterday I tried an installation again myself to see whether it is still possible. At the moment it is not working successfully as some packages are in a broken state. To spare you the frustration I tell you here right now, that you better wait installing MintPPC using the net, i.e. with debian installer images.

I have a new idea to know in a better way whether there is a chance of successful installation.
I will try to make a test system on my spare PowerBook G4 with all the packages, required during installation with the preseed file. If that is done I will update and upgrade the packages which are in that system and monitor the status. If there are held back packages, I know that the installation will not work. If the system is clean, the chance is high that it will work. I am willing to announce a clean status in this blog when it arrives. It will be easier then for you to go for a netinstallation.

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  1. Good news for you, vim-tiny has update so the broken dependence problem of vim library has be solved, you can try the installation once more

  2. Installed MintPPC on a PowerMac G4 400MHz (radeon 9800Pro, 1.2 GB memory), a PowerMac G4 MDD (2x870MHz, radeon 7000, 1.2 GB memory) and a PowerMac G4 (1400MHz, Nvidia FX 5200, 2GB memory) thanks to your instructions, Jeroen, and they all work well! Thank you much for that!

    I have a few issues with the repositories and their signature verification, but I am in the process of understanding and fixing these. Best, Georges

      1. I think I may have done both actually. Definitely installation of Debian sid (https://www.u58733p55594.web0093.zxcs-klant.nl/installation/installing-debian-sid-lxde/), plus your manual installation method (https://www.u58733p55594.web0093.zxcs-klant.nl/installation/manual-installation-mintppc/) for adding the Mint layer on top of Debian sid. Not sure I understand what you refer with “Grub hack”, although I do remember using another of your methods as well, copying or dd’ing a working installation that you prepared some while ago. I do not hesitate trying multiple avenues, since I am using cheap 62GB SD cards in IDE to SD adapters.

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