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We are in June 2020 and what that means is that the Linux Mint team will release version 20 of its distribution, coded “Ulyana” this month. As soon as it is available I will start working on porting the artistic stuff into MintPPC. It is for this reason I would like to ask you if there are things you like to have improved. What I intend for example is to remove “Software Manager” as option in the Menu, as the program will not be ported and it is too bloated anyway. Another thing that you will see is a new Linux Mint Menu icon on the left side of the panel. The present icon is based on older versions of Linux Mint. The new one, which was designed for Linux Mint “Tricia” looks much prettier and is round. For info on the logo design, have a look here.
That’s it for now.

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  1. I have started the process. The first thing I did was remove Software Manager from the menu. This can already be installed by updating mint-lxde-default-settings to 12.0.11 (see Software manager post). I am now building mint-artwork 1.4, desktop pictures of Linux Mint Tricia and Ulyana, new Mint themes and the latest mint-x-icons and mint-y-icons. If these packages install well I will upload them to the repository. The next thing will then be to change the default background to a new fresh one and to change the default menu icon to the new standard (in mint-lxde-default-settings 12.0.12).

  2. Quick update:
    I just installed all the new packages on my development machine without any problems. Later today I will upload the packages to the repository.
    The package mint-artwork-lxde has also been updated with a fresh new logout banner.

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