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Today I slightly changed the instructions to install MintPPC. Check it out, you might want to change your default display manager into LXDM.

I am also working on an update of debian-system-adjustments. The way the package now works is that splash is forced upon the configuration file for grub, therefore forcing splash in grub. Not all Macs can handle splash during boot. There were some people who reported that their boot with splash did not lead to a working desktop as splash prevents the system to go into the display manager.
Default settings will be changed into standard Debian settings as opposed to the settings as used by the Linux Mint team. This means that if people do want to have splash they can have it by manually changing /etc/default/grub and adding “splash” in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT query and issuing sudo update-grub.

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    1. The 64-bits images have not been tested yet as I don’t have a G5 to my disposal here. It means that only the instructions for the 32-bits version work for the moment.

  1. The 64-bits preseed file is outdated and will not work. Apart from that, I need to build a bunch of 64-bits programs first. As I said, if I find my iMacG5 with cable here, I can start working on this. I have no clue how long it will take. Keep an eye on this website for news.

  2. I’m having trouble installing the net iso via a usb stick flashed using Balena Etcher or via external DVD drive.
    My G4 Powerbook has a faulty internal drive as it “eats” discs and can only be ejected by unscrewing the whole powerbook and Disc drive.
    The Debian installation stalls when it searches for the installation image (I get to the blue screen) on the last inserted disc in the drive and doesn’t look on the usb. It’s also not liking 2 external DVD drives either. Will not show this when pressing Opt or entering open firmware.

    Apart from pulling the whole computer apart and manually removing the disc and hoping I don’t damaged the internal disc drive? What other solutions are there? I’ve tried this suggestion and it didn’t work https://forum.linuxcnc.org/38-general-linuxcnc-questions/37517-debian-install-dvd-iso-images-not-working-due-to-cd-rom-bug-in-installer#187073

    Granted this may be a Debian wide issue, but do you have any ideas? I can’t seem to get to or edit /etc/apt/sources.lst at first glance and comment out a cd drive…


  3. mount /dev/sdb /cdrom
    Something along those lines. With command df you see the devices.
    I am not sure if you have to go a shell that it will still install MintPPC. It is likely you end up with Debian. You can add the MintPPC packages manually later.

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